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About Magic Tony:

Magic Tony has been entertaining audiences in the United States and Europe for nearly 20 years and is known for his unique blend of theatre, psychology, and magic. His shows are packed with mysterious illusions, comedy, and audience participation, and will make any event a memorable one, from wedding receptions to corporate events to church banquets.



His routine, “The Bus Stop” has won four National Competitions, including a first place award at the 1997 Houdini Club Convention at which he also won the close-up competition (a feat only accomplished once before him in the 59-year history of the convention!). In 1999, he placed third among magicians from around the world at the competition sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Magicians held in Little Rock, Arkansas.
He has also been featured in publications such as National Geographic World magazine, Science News for Kids, M-U-M Magazine (the official journal of the Society of American Magicians), and The Linking Ring (the journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians).


Magic & Psychology

An expert in the psychology of illusion, Tony has lectured on the topic at magic conventions and to students of psychology at colleges and universities. As a doctor of cognitive psychology, himself, he has employed psychological principles to elevate his magic’s impact and increase the audience’s sense of wonder. Nowhere is this influence more evident than in his strolling magic where, in a one-on-one environment, he is able to strongly influence the behavior of audience members.

In 2010, Tony was featured in Sleights of Mind, a book on the neuroscience of magic. Click here to watch a segment from Australia's ABC Network documentary, "Redesign My Brain," on psychology and magic, featuring Magic Tony and the authors of Sleights of Mind. For more information on psychology and magic, visit Magic Tony's blog at!




What people are saying about Magic Tony:

“I really enjoy your act…It is obvious that magic means a great deal to you. I look forward to seeing your act again in the future.”

- Lance Burton, Master Magician


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